Frankly put, the Covid situation has been a disaster for musicians everywhere.  Concerts cancelled, theatres closed, regular gigs gone.  All of my Ottawa colleagues have taken a hit, especially singers.
So, what to do?  In my case, being a bit of a recluse anyway, I locked the door in March and have been writing new works for production whenever possible.  This very morning I received notice of a large grant from the City of Ottawa for the eventual production of my opera "Dracula".  At this point we are looking at late November 2020 early 2021, but it's a gamble.
My friend, renowned Ottawa organist Matthew Larkin has been posting magnificent live organ recitals on Facebook each afternoon from various churches in Old Ottawa South.  As well, the entrepreneurial Director of Music at Southminster United Church, Roland Graham, has been broadcasting on-line weekly Wednesday concerts. Some of my other associates have been doing the same.  Both Music & Beyond and Chamberfest are posting on-line concerts this summer, as live events are not happening.
So, I'd say to Ottawa audiences - wait and see what might start happening later in the winter.  There is the likelihood of a second Covid wave, with the return of restrictions.  It will be a while until anything like the old days returns.  We will keep you posted.