I am an artist and I mostly paint by intuition.  When a painting does not meet my standards I often recycle the canvas. This is how the little pink dress was born.

At one point, a canvas from a rejected painting had been repainted and was waiting for a new subject. I randomly first drew the dress and was happy with it, but I soon realized that I had left too much space on top which meant I had to invent some forms to fill it.

There were many moments when I was tempted to repaint it, but it was begging for mercy. It seemed as if my hands were directed by an unknown spirit; I simply became the conduit for that special work.

I eventually finished the painting, and to my surprise and delight it was very well accepted and even found its way to a new home in Winnipeg.  A relative of mine is Assistant Regional Director General for Indigenous Affairs. He saw it as a symbol for the struggle to unravel the mystery of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and decided to hang it in the boardroom for Indigenous Services where it will be seen by many people.

For me the dress is a symbol for Indigenous people. The dark shadow stands for those departed, and the red above the dress is their indomitable spirit.

            I am very pleased with the outcome. To be guided by a force outside myself was a very wonderful experience.


Jeannine Schryer 


Jeannine Schryer was born in Ottawa but resided in North Bay for most of her life. She is now back in her native city.

In her art she uses a variety of media such as printmaking, acrylics and oil pastels and materials varying from aluminum to  collaged fabrics to found objects.

Her work has been exhibited at the WKP Kennedy Gallery and the White Water Gallery in North Bay and has been included in exhibitions at the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery in Owen Sound and in various juried competitions held by the Northern Art Association.



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