Have you ever been accepted? I’m talking about being accepted into a group, a very strong group that shows off its capability often. This group doesn’t need you to think or ask any kind of questions. In fact, if you act out it’s considered negative for most of the time. As long as you do what you are told, the people around you will support you, protect you, and agree with you. It feels like marching into a beautiful field with all your family, everyone is stepping in the same time. You are enjoying the loud sound of the powerful steps you took, you are proud of who you are and what you belong to. 

This is how it feels like to grow up in a Communist country. To be specific, China. 

The feeling of obedience and self-conceit came natural if you were born in Communist China. Until today, I still don’t know if it is because of my Chinese blood, or if it is human nature. 

This feeling is addictive: it will corrupt your ability to think. What of it? You got comrades and a big warm family. 

It’s hard to try to change a person’s world view. I went through it, I had my epiphanies. The more I expose myself to a liberal/individualist thinking, the more I felt lonely. I guess this might be a sub reason why the rate of depression is so high in North America and not in Communist China. 

Now the old question, which one would you rather be? A happy pig, or a sad human? 

Now you see? The propaganda.

Use your judgement, not the instinct judgement that comes from reading my question. But the judgement that came after thinking for a while. 

The happiness of a pig is easily achieved when all physical needs are satisfied and the safety of the pig is assured. 

What a human needs to achieve happiness is more difficult. To us what makes a pig happy is mere survival. We want more! The need to create, to develop, to seek. These are only a few things that make a person smile.  It is hard to achieve, but once achieved it is more rich than the happiness of a pig. 

What do you think? 

Wait! Don’t think! It’s not good for you, remember? It makes you depressed! 

Freedom? More like responsibilities. 

So tell me now, a pig? Or a human?