After several thousand years of existence in this wonderful country we Canadians should be used to lock downs and quarantines.

Each winter we submerge for a few months to avoid those frigid temperatures, the ice and snow and wind and rain and hail and everything else that makes us cold. We just hibernate and smile. We know that spring will be arriving and we anxiously await the first signs to appear. Then one morning there they are. The first tiny snow drops, all purple, thrust their little heads through the snow. Crocus clamor for our attention and the forests are full of Trilliums. All this in anticipation of the true harbinger of spring’s arrival: the golden headed Dandelion. They are the true sign that summer is very close and that the lockdown is over.

I find it difficult to understand why people so hate dandelions. Where did all this begin? They are beautiful and in great abundance. Everywhere one turns they are there to greet and help make our spring days happy. When I was child I lived near a park and often in the morning old folks would arrive very early to gather dandelion leaves fresh from the plants.  They would use them in salads and make tea and wine. I wonder why we do not see this custom anymore. I suppose one can just go over to Metro.

A few weeks ago, early one morning as the sun had just risen I gazed over my balcony at the lawns below and they were covered with gold.  There was gold everywhere. I called Maureen to come and see as the dandelions were strutting their stuff. It was just lovely. We stood and praised the humble dandelion.

 It was too soon over. A few hours later two big pirates with hoodies and power mowers arrived and decimated the whole scene. Before long there was nothing left but vulgar green grass. In a few weeks the D’s would have been dancing away in their delicate little chariots of wispy down to find new homes for next year.  We will miss this scene of them floating out over the parking lots. All this because someone has decided they are not worth allowing to live.  


 Dandelions need a champion. They need someone to go into the list and fight for their right to live in Canada and not be fair game for every bounty hunter with a lawnmower. I am not sure that this will ever happen because the lobby against dandelion rights is extremely powerful.

What I suggest is that every spring our Governor General  fire up one of her used space capsules, decorate it with those beautiful dandelions, commandeer a few marching bands, a platoon of Mounties on horseback and have a spring parade through the Capital to encourage a greater respect for dandelions.  The Post Office could create a new stamp and the Mint could produce the Dandelion Five Dollar gold piece to honor the situation. Internationally Canadian currency would be advertised as Loonie, Toonie and Dandy the trio to invest in.



There will be a slight problem when “l’office de la langue française” begins to translate these terms for distribution because dandelion in Quebec French is “ pisse en lit”.


Gerrard Kelly