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 Sunsets,  Uncertainty and Poetry

 For the last few weeks I have enjoyed the pink, apricot, orange and purple colours of the evening sky moving north – the sunsets are delighting us tenants on the north side of the Towers.

 The snow showers on Tuesday made me cry, “Oh no! That’s enough.”

 In the world of Covild-19 and mass shootings in Nova Scotia, the uncertain world we live in causes us sadness, anxiety and a loss of faith and hope. What kind of world do we live in? How will life be for our children and grandchildren? What are we doing to our planet?

 It’s a good time to turn to poetry – although it always is for those of us who love poetry. It often takes us into a different realm, we come to it with a different frame of mind – attentive, open, contemplative.

 I love poetry and am even now wondering which poem I would like to share with you. Shakespeare, Rilke, Keats, Yeats, Rumi,  ……there are so many (and we also have a lot more Canadian poets than I realized).

 In the last  few years I have read more and more poetry by Mary Oliver - she is  an American writer who died last year. She has written dozens of books of poems and won many awards, the Pulitzer Prize among them.

 Here is my choice:




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What I wrote last year is true again although spring came a bit earlier this year

 The situation in the world however is very different – disconcerting, worrisome and insecure.

 There is something comforting and reassuring to realize that in spite of everything winter has gone, spring is here, the grass is turning green, the birds are singing, the children can play outside.  We can go for walks, being careful to keep our distance when passing others, smiling or waving and lifting our faces to the sun.

 We have a lot to be grateful for.

 I wish you all a happy Easter. Reach out to your neighbours, make phone calls, keep in touch and find  moments of joy.



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