The Echo in its first publication has a duty to express our thanks to those who have brought the Echo to this, its first edition.

There are many people to whom we owe thanks but we choose to mention the man who donated the construction of this website together with his extraordinary expertise as webmaster and who will continue to make himself available in that role.

Several of us have had the pleasure of meeting Frank from time to time and particularly through the Monday morning coffee group.

He is a gentle man, kindly and generous and quite brilliant.

He gave us not just this website program but the many, many hours we needed to get it set up.

Thank you Frank Barcenas.


Welcome to our new website and online paper! We are hoping you will find it interesting, informative and you will discover all kinds of things about our neighborhood that you didn’t know. We are a special community here at Champlain Towers from different backgrounds, with multiple talents and challenges. It is our hope that the website will bring us closer as a vertical village, more understanding and tolerant of each other.

As Editor of the Village Echo I feel I should tell you a bit about myself since I am not only new to this job but also new to Ottawa.

I moved here in May of last year after living in Toronto for sixty-two years. I first came to Canada from Germany with my parents and three siblings. I got married young, had three children, and all kinds of jobs, full and part time.

I didn’t know there was a new life of such proportions ahead for me. Moving into Champlain Towers was certainly exciting and promising from the time I arrived. People were friendly and welcoming, easy to talk to, smiling at me on the street! I was invited to the Monday morning coffee group where I still go in spite of bad acoustics and an inability to hear most of the soft spoken members.

One lovely summer day I met a woman at the bus stop, we began talking, discovered that we both lived at 200 Rideau Terrace,  got on the same bus and got off at the Bytowne to see the same movie. We have become good friends, visit each other, go to concerts and other cultural events and whenever we drive somewhere  together she helps me navigate the streets of Ottawa that to me can still be confusing. Not as straight forward as in Toronto but much more interesting.

Enough said. I adjusted quickly and easily thanks to the kindness and generosity of many of you readers and my Ottawa family.  The winter was  long though – still snow and ice in April! Was it ever going to end? Pretty soon I stopped worrying – I was too busy, first with the Village Café Committee and then the Village Echo. It was a steep learning curve - all about a subject  I had no experience with but found challenging and exciting.

A lot of the credit for the idea and execution of the Village Echo goes to Rod Blaker who worked unabatedly and tirelessly to make the Village Echo the success we were striving for. But as you all know, nothing is perfect. Since his brain works overtime and is unstoppable we never knew what he would come up with next. We often felt – this is it now,  we’re done. But no – Rod thought of another, better idea. An idea we couldn’t argue with but at times drove us crazy.

Thank you for everything, Rod!

And finally, I hope that you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed working on it! We are always open to suggestions, contributions, ideas and criticism and anybody who wants to volunteer will be welcomed with thanks and appreciation.