First of all I want to apologize for letting many months go by without making an appearance on the Echo.

Many thanks to all those contributors who have been busy with articles, postings, technical know how and ideas – but especially Peter, Maria, Elanor and Rod.

Wendy and Joanne, of the Village Café have been working tirelessly on the different activities and events in the building. There’s no stopping them.

We are happy to have started the Echolist Listserv.  It’s growing, thanks to you,  and should prove to be successful and another way of connecting within our Champlain Towers community. Don’t hesitate to use it. If any of you readers have not yet joined please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And now to me.

Welcome to Sibylle’s Editorial Blog which will be published much more frequently. The many thoughts buzzing around in my head will be shared with you and hopefully interest, entertain, maybe annoy and amuse you.

As I am sitting in the train to Toronto where I am going for some rest and a change of scenery I realize how relaxing it is to just do nothing – looking out the window, seeing the sun come up through the misty air, sipping my coffee and thinking my thoughts. Not having to drive.

Now that Christmas is almost here – try to take some time out to to relax and enjoy the season. Although it seems to me many do not enjoy the season any more. All this consumerism, hectic activity, work, spending money, eating and drinking!

The title of an article I read recently is “Can Christmas be Fun and Soulful again?”  Only if we make it thus, I think. No matter what we believe or how we feel – we can make it a special time to be with family and friends or a time to be alone and enjoy books, music and walks.

If that doesn’t work try an act of kindness or two.  There are lots of people in the building who are setting an example in that regard.

I’ll be back before Christmas.