Not a day goes by where I don't hear the word meditation mentioned or read about it in all kinds of contexts.

The benefits of meditation are supposedly manifold, no matter whether we are young, old, sick, well, stressed, depressed, busy, or just want to improve our mind, health or brain.

The latest article I read talked about meditating to reboot your brain. It was one of 15 tips to stimulate neural circuits to avoid dementia. The word we all dread. 

In today's world, where many no longer have the ability to focus, have trouble paying attention, are surrounded by digital devices and spend time in nature far too seldom.

All this information made me decide to republish an article by Shauna Bassel about meditation. I thought it was well written and easy to follow. 

Along with links to her article I am sending links to two meditation groups in the area and the article that caused me to write this blog. 

It's still early in the year and maybe some of us will finally try this proven method to improve our mind, health and well-being and find peace and stillness within us. Let's make it a New Year's resolution!

Good luck! I invite comments and discussions.


The 15 tips to reboot your brain:


Mindfulness Meditation Circle | NECTAR (New Edinburgh Community & Arts Centre):


YOUNION - Ottawa's Premiere Meditation Studio


Dr. Bassel’s article: