Sunsets,  Uncertainty and Poetry

 For the last few weeks I have enjoyed the pink, apricot, orange and purple colours of the evening sky moving north – the sunsets are delighting us tenants on the north side of the Towers.

 The snow showers on Tuesday made me cry, “Oh no! That’s enough.”

 In the world of Covild-19 and mass shootings in Nova Scotia, the uncertain world we live in causes us sadness, anxiety and a loss of faith and hope. What kind of world do we live in? How will life be for our children and grandchildren? What are we doing to our planet?

 It’s a good time to turn to poetry – although it always is for those of us who love poetry. It often takes us into a different realm, we come to it with a different frame of mind – attentive, open, contemplative.

 I love poetry and am even now wondering which poem I would like to share with you. Shakespeare, Rilke, Keats, Yeats, Rumi,  ……there are so many (and we also have a lot more Canadian poets than I realized).

 In the last  few years I have read more and more poetry by Mary Oliver - she is  an American writer who died last year. She has written dozens of books of poems and won many awards, the Pulitzer Prize among them.

 Here is my choice: