Canada pays some of the highest cost for access to the Internet.

There are many examples of cooperative ownership where people share access to various forms of services. A popular example is Virtue Car – a shared car service.

In the “Vertical Village” there is an opportunity for residents to consider the possibility of sharing the cost of internet access. Such a possibility could in fact enable a faster service with unlimited use to become more affordable amongst a small group of residents.

A Wi-Fi cooperative would require residents who live next to or above or below each other to collectively pay for and share one internet service anywhere between 2-8 neighbours. Instead of one apartment paying $80 a month, 8 apartments would pay for the same service for only $10 each a month.

In addition, by sharing costs, it is possible to buy a more commercial style Wi-Fi router – such as restaurants use to provide access to their customers.

Of course the devil is in the details – which means a few neighbours could undertake a pilot project to test the possibility and work out the issues and details.

If anyone is interested in engaging in such a project, let’s get together and develop a plan.

This project could be an interesting one that contributes to the “Village” and enables more affordable Internet access for all. It could also stimulate a series of workshops helping those who need/want help to become more digitally literate and empowered.

Shared access to the “Village” Wi-Fi does not mean that people have access to your personal computer.