Let’s face it, the all-powerful doctors who can transplant organs and do a multitude of other amazing things are powerless in the face of the common cold. So when we feel the dreaded sniffles starting up we have to resort to our own methods and of those there are many.

 My secret weapon against the flu and a cold are onions. I cut them up and put them in my socks, put them on and leave them on overnight. It works for me but most people shudder at the thought and would rather suffer. So be it. One friend tried it out but in the middle of the night she could not stand the smell any longer and threw the socks with the onions inside in disgust onto her balcony.


Other people swear by Echinacea, an oil made from the plant; a remedy which the aboriginal people discovered. They passed the tip on to the early settlers. And we have all heard about the legendary chicken soup. Or you go to the drugstore to buy any of the multitude of drugs that promise to relieve you. There is Dristan and Neo-Citron and of course Advil, Aspirin or Tylenol to name a few. They all might get get rid of the unpleasant symptoms but do they really help to get rid of the hateful virus? I don’t think so.


Swallowing Vitamin C is of course a good idea. A mixture of cinnamon and honey seems to be good for many ailments and thus probably also helpful in the case of a cold. Some swear by hot elder tea. Or even whisky or rum in hot water. If you drink enough of the Scotch you will forget about your misery. Garlic, in any shape or form strengthens the immune system but who can bring him or herself to eat it uncooked? Is in that case the cure not worse than the ailment? Oh, don’t forget, you can also go to a sauna and sweat a lot.


Finally, what does the omniscient Google recommend?


Stay hydrated. Water, juice, clear broth or warm lemon water with honey helps loosen congestion and prevents dehydration. The major recommendation : drink a lot!


Some cynics do nothing and just keep a box of Kleenex nearby and stay away from other people. They claim that if you do any of the recommendations listed above it takes a week to get over a cold; if you do nothing it takes seven days.


There you go. Take your pick!


(If you have any secret remedies please let us know!)