May 20, 2020 0 Special statement from Dr. Vera Etches

During the next few months, public health’s role will be to continue to: 

  • engage with residents and stakeholders to inform next steps, 
  • engagewith businesses and organizations to reopen safely,  
  • monitor the number of confirmed cases,
  • connect with people with confirmed COVID-19 and their contacts,and  
  • control outbreaks in the community.

Engaging with the community

One way that Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has engaged with residents is through an online engagement platform.

Today is the last day for residents to provide feedback on our survey during the first phase of the engagement platform called COVID-19: Share your thoughts. Please consider contributing your thoughts at if you have not yet joined this conversation. Your feedback will help inform our approach to easing restrictions.

Since launching on May 1, we have heard from more than 1,500 residents, and more than 9,000 residents have accessed information on the page. More than 90% of respondents have shared they understand why we must continue practicing physical distancing, and that they will continue to do so even as we are able to ease restrictions. Many respondents are open to mitigation measures like wearing non-medical cloth masks (89%) and scheduling outings to limit crowding (70%). This is good news.

More information on the next phase of our engagement will be provided in the near future.