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The grey flannel pants

By OvF,  Ambassador (rtd.)



Throw your mind back to the year 1977 and let your eyes wander across the globe from Halifax eastwards across the Atlantic Ocean, then let your fingers walk over Ireland, England and the North Sea until the delta of the river Elbe, then follow the blue line of the stream up to the City of Hamburg, Europe’s second largest port city and you have arrived at the scene of this story.

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Growing up in small town Northern Ontario you have two choices: follow in your parents' footsteps with a job in the primary industries, or, move to the city and pursue the kind of glamorous and exciting career shown on television. For me, that meant moving to Ottawa and pursuing a legal education.

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Melissa Ryan is a young lady in Champlain Towers and who graduated from a Law faculty not too long ago.

I on the other hand, graduated from my faculty of Law back in the early 60’s.

Melissa and I have agreed to an exchange of articles as a way of giving some people a way of looking at Law as a career or as part of an education.

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Karen Armstrong is a former Roman Catholic nun who, disillusioned with her faith, nevertheless has devoted her whole life to researching religions, spirituality and mysticism. She has written numerous books on these topics and is known the world over.

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