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In 2006 I landed in Prince George, a day before Christmas. It was not the coldness that shocked me, as many people might assume. It was the quietness, maybe it’s better to be described as loneliness, I am one with the land, the black and white. My mother and I had lost our luggage in the airport, so we slept on a basement mattress. No bedding, the TV only had 5 channels; the only channel that had cartoons was in French.

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This story of the Champlain Towers apartment building is the first of a series of occasional articles which we hope will interest our fellow tenants. The article is not exhaustive. There are many other equally interesting stories to be told about life in the Champlain Towers. We encourage readers to contribute their own articles about their experiences in living at 200 Rideau Terrace.

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WayFinding in a world of Evolving Strange Attractors

Unpredictable Evolution of Complexity

Complexity concept for the day: In a low dimensional system there are only a few possible deterministic behaviors: Static, constant change, convergence, divergence, oscillation/cycling, convergent and divergent oscillation, chaos. In high dimensional systems they can coexist.

Tweet – Yaneer Bar-Yam – New England  Complex Systems Institute

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