Vice-Chair, Michael Smith

The Premises Sub-Committee is responsible for identifying, proposing, recommending and implementing physical improvements to take advantage of and enhance the recent renovations to the Party Room at Champlain Towers. The "premises" referred to also include the outdoor patio space adjacent to the Party Room.

A. Among the initial ideas raised for the interior space were the following:

  • Furniture arrangement

  • Realignment of the TV and Fireplace

  • Internet/Wi-fi connection

  • Library nook

  • Office Space

  • Document/Object Storage and Security

  • Lighting

  • Acoustics

  • Window Screening

  • Carpeting

  • New Piano

Of the above, a default arrangement for the furniture was agreed upon which provides for changes such as the provision of tables and chairs as required for special events such as dinner evenings or card games organized by the Village Café. Chairs have been provided by Homestead and we are awaiting the arrival of the promised card tables.

The Party Room atmosphere has been enhanced with the installation of dimmer-switches for the overhead lighting. An acoustical analysis has been undertaken by the Capello Audio. Homestead management has expressed interest in the recommendations, but so far no action has been taken.

Homestead has also agreed to the provision of an internet connection in the Party Room, but this has not yet occurred. Likewise, the creation of the Library Nook and an office/storage space has been approved and has yet to be undertaken.

The provision of other articles, such as carpeting, a new piano and window screens need further discussion at the committee level and remain as future objectives. Meanwhile, a new piano has been loaned to the Party Room and the old one still occupies space.

B. The exterior outdoor space has also been addressed.

Among the improvements outside the Party Room are the extension of the patio and the addition of new barbecues and patio furniture. Yet to be explored are the acquisition of urns and planters which may be used to enhance the outdoor environment and possibly provide an outlet for building residents interested in horticulture and gardening.