The Secretariat Report


When in November 2017 the Champlain Towers Tenants Association (C.T.T.A) reorganized itself to focus and concentrate on the physical properties of the building, there remained a considerable void in terms of the social events and activities of our residence. 

Sibylle Nussbaum and Rod Blaker formed the Village Café Committee and Elanor Brodie arrived with her knowledge, experience and suggestions. Thus “The Village Café” was created to organize and provide enjoyable leisure activities and services for the Champlain Towers community.

The first major project was a website for our community.

The second project was a survey of all the residents as to their preferences for events and activities, both inside and outside the building. This was recently completed.

We thank the many people who have assisted us along the way.


The Secretariat

Sibylle Nussbaum and Rod Blaker